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With the current update, the shortcuts are back in InterSim III Interface!

The shortcuts for Rhythms and Blocks were defined with Ctrl + letter in InterSim II. The change for InterSim III is that you now have to use Shift + Ctrl + letter.

Close application Alt+X
Reset Ctrl+R
Sinus Rhythm Shift+Ctrl+S
Sinus Brady Shift+Ctrl+R
Sinus Tachy Shift+Ctrl+N
Atrial Flutter Shift+Ctrl+F
Atrial Fibrillation Shift+Ctrl+G
AVNRT Shift+Ctrl+A
LV Tachy, medium Shift+Ctrl+Y
Ventricular Flutter Shift+Ctrl+U
Ventricular Fibrillation, coarse Shift+Ctrl+T
1:1 ConductionShift+Ctrl+C
AV Block I Shift+Ctrl+D
AV Block III Shift+Ctrl+V
Retrograde Conduction Shift+Ctrl+O
Accessory Pathway Shift+Ctrl+P