With the classroom version, InterSim III becomes the perfect companion in group training situations. Hook up as many as 20 InterSim III in a shared network to control your student’s devices. Use one master device to handle simulations on numerous clients at the same time.
Regardless if you use InterSim III Interface, InterSim III Touch or multiple devices of both types combined – the classroom version gives you the freedom to combine them any way you want. The only requirement is an additional classroom package. The included router provides a dedicated Ethernet or WIFI connection. Keep in mind that each InterSim III interface requires an additional Windows PC for operation. Also, all InterSim III Touch devices require the corresponding docking station to use the Ethernet connection.

Every input coming from the master device is transferred to the client in real time and can be executed simultaneously. Streaming preset parameters to the clients can be done as easily as preparing macros (dynamic scenarios) on your master InterSim III and sending them to the client.

The classroom version also enables you to purposely restrict the functionality of client devices and to hide certain parameters that implicate the heart rate or an AV block. That way, students can fully concentrate on the virtual patient’s therapy and focus on the programmer’s work with the implant.