HV Adapter DF-1

InterSim III comes with an adapter for ICDs with DF-1 connectivity. This adapter can also be purchased separately.

HV Adapter DF-4

InterSim III comes with one HV adapter for ICDs with DF-1 standard connection. For ICDs with a DF-4 standard connection an additional HV adapter DF-4 is required.

Impedance Plug

Use the impedance plug to properly terminate the inputs of an implant in the adapter box even after disconnecting it from the simulator. This prevents the implant from changing to emergency mode.

Docking Station

Connected all around – with the InterSim III Docking Station. Charge your InterSim III battery quicker and use it even more efficiently thanks to additional ports: Mirror your output on TV screens or projectors, use the classroom version in network environments or use InterSim III with mouse and keyboard.

The docking station adds these ports to InterSim III:

  • 3 USB type 2 ports 
  • 1 HDMI video port
  • 1 Ethernet port

Rugged Frame

Safety First. The rugged frame protects InterSim III Touch from falls and scratches in everyday use.

Classroom Package

Use several InterSim III devices in the classroom version for teaching and testing purposes. All you need is Classroom Package to set up a network. The individual InterSim III devices can correspond either via Ethernet or WIFI connection. The included router is already preconfigured and can be used with little effort. Learn more.