Since its first introduction in 1994, the Interactive Heart Simulator has set a clear goal: To demonstrate how modern pacemakers and ICDs work. With the help of the adapter box included, InterSim III simulates the natural human heart rhythm in a clear and realistic way. By also being able to simulate irregularities and dysfunctionalities, InterSim is a handy companion in sales meetings and classroom situations.

Versatile Connections. Versatile Simulations.

Thanks to a variety of inputs InterSim III supports all common pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Among the standard IS-1 and DF-1 connectors it also supports newer IS-4 and DF-4 ports that more and more implants use.
With full support of the IS-4 standard, impedances can be changed for all vectors. Threshold voltages and delay times can be set separately. In addition, electrode defects, EMI, and Phrenic Nerve stimulation can be simulated. The support of the DF-4 standard allows the unrestricted choice of the shock vector; the hardware is designed for up to 80 J (or 1500 V). A farfield EGM is available on both shock electrodes. The simulation of an electrode fracture is also possible for the RV coil electrode.