With the adapter box included, InterSim III works with PM, CRT-P, CRT-D and ICD implants. Thanks to the robust spring bow, the pacemaker or defibrillator stays locked in position and in contact with the base.
The lid protects you from accidentally touching implants when shocks are being released. The integrated electronics reduce the voltage from up to 1000 volts down to a safe low voltage. The adapter box has one IS-1 plug each for atrium, left and right ventricles and two DF-1 high-voltage adapters (RVcoil / SVCcoil) so that all pacemakers and defibrillators with IS-1 and DF-1 headers can be used.
In case you work with constantly changing implants, we recommend the use of several adapter boxes, which can be purchased separately.

Extended Version

The extended version of the InterSim III adapter box allows you to use implants with IS-4 connectors. In addition to the standard IS-1 and DF-1 hubs, the extended version has an IS-4 plug.

InterSim III Adapter Box Specification

High-Voltage Adapter

With an additional DF-4 high-voltage adapter, you can use CRT-D and ICD implants with DF-4 connecters. Please note, that DF-1 and DF-4 high-voltage adapters cannot be used at the same time for safety reasons.