InterSim III Interface is a technical solution that works with common pacemakers and defibrillators. Combined with an additional Windows PC (required), InterSim simulates the human heart under normal or special conditions – with either the regular or an irregular rhythm. Simulating an ECG has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly software InterSim III comes with. Show all pacemaker-relevant arrhythmia and irregularities in an impressively detailed way. Save any individual parameter setup and continue your work under the same conditions later. Write dynamic macros with the built-in script language and save them with just a single click.

The interactive handling enables a precise examination of the cardiac pacemaker/ICD interaction and supports practicing with several pacemaker programmers. With the InterSim Classroom version you can control up to 20 InterSim workstations simultaneously. This allows students to concentrate fully on the virtual patient’s therapy and focus on the programmer’s work with the implant.

Please note that an additional PC running Windows 10 or 11 is required to use InterSim III Interface.

Versatile connections. Versatile simulations.

Thanks to a variety of inputs InterSim III supports all common pacemakers and implantable defibrillators. Among the standard IS-1 and DF-1 connectors it also supports the newer IS-4 and DF-4 ports that more and more implants use.
With full support of the IS-4 standard, impedances can be created for all vectors. Threshold voltages and delay times can be set separately. In addition, electrode defects, disturbances and Phrenic Nerve Irritations can be simulated. The support of the DF-4 standard allows the unrestricted choice of the shock vector; the hardware is designed for up to 45J (or 1000V). A far-field ECM is available on both shock electrodes. The simulation of an electrode break is also possible for the RV coil electrode.


  • USB interface electronics
  • Additional Windows computer, notebook or tablet with USB is necessary
  • Application software for Windows® 8/10
  • CE and NRTL/FCC certified
  • Full support of IS-4 and DF-4
  • Adapter box for handling of implantable PGs and ICDs
  • High voltage resistant (up to 1500 V, up to 80 J)
  • Support for external pacemakers
  • Plug & play classroom compatibility


  • Easy to learn and to use GUI
  • Professional design
  • Animated heart graphic
  • Customizable ECG
  • Interactive setting of parameters
  • Software states (static snapshots)
  • Macros (dynamic scenarios)

Scope of Delivery

  • InterSim III Basic Interface device
  • InterSim III Adapter Box Standard or Extended
  • Adapter DF-1
  • USB power supply (country specific plugs EU, UK, US)
  • USB cable 1.8 m
  • Transport case
  • Operation manual