InterSim III Interface is a technical solution that works with common pacemakers and defibrillators. Combined with an additional Windows PC (required), InterSim simulates the human heart under normal or special conditions – with either the regular or an irregular rhythm. Simulating an ECG has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly software InterSim III comes with. Show all pacemaker-relevant aarhythmia and irregularities in an impressively detailed way. Save any individual parameter setup and continue your work under the same conditions later. Write dynamic macros with the built-in script language and save them with just a single click.

The interactive handling enables a precise examination of the cardiac pacemaker/ICD interaction and supports practicing with several pacemaker programmers. With the InterSim Classroom version you can control up to 20 InterSim work stations simultaneously. This allows students to concentrate fully on the virtual patient’s therapy and focus on the programmer’s work with the implant.

Please note that an additional PC running Windows 7, 8 or 10 is required to use InterSim III Interface.





InterSim III simulation hardware, additional Windows PC is required


Full support of IS-4 and DF-4 standards

ECG leads I, II and III simulation

Single intra-atrial and two intraventricular derivatives simulations

Derivation from the HV electrode simulation

Accurate measurement of pace pulses up to 7.5 V

Electrode defects and disturbances for each electrode connection simulations

Unipolar, bipolar and multipoint pacing support

Measurement and evaluation of shocks up to 80 J

Unrestricted choice of shock vector


Easy to use software with integrated help section

Separate impedance setup, threshold voltages and delay times for different vectors

Phrenic Nerve Irritation simulation


The InterSim III Touch Extended Version comes with an extended adapter box for pacemakers with IS4 plugs.
A HV adapter for connecting ICDs with a DF-4 connector can be purchased separately.

InterSim III Interface-Elektronik

InterSim III Interface-Elektronik

InterSim III simulation hardware, additional Windows PC, notebook, or tablet is required

InterSim III software on a USB flash memory stick

Adapter box for implantable pacemakers and defibrillators
3 x IS-1
2 x DF-1

Adapter box for implantable pacemakers and defibrillators
3 x IS-1
2 x DF 1
1 X IS-4

Optional: HV-Adapter 1 x DF-4

Connecting cable adapter box to simulator

Carrying case

Plug-in power supply with adapters to Euro Type C (DE), Commonwealth Type G (UK) and NEMA-1 Type A (USA)