InterSim History

InterSim is more than a project that comes from the heart. It stands for generations of trust. At IG Lang, we work on lifelike simulations of the human heart since 1993.



IB Lang begins to develop a heart simulator as a client project. The interactive heart simulator InterSim is introduced in fall and features a 1 MHz 8bit microcontroller, serial interface, 2 intracardiac ECG channels, 1 HV channel, 3 surface ECGs and a DOS-based user interface.


The InterSim software is released for the first time as a Windows application.


In cooperation with TQ Systems (formerly Colour Control), an improved hardware is designed and developed as an in-house project.


The more powerful InterSim II is released in fall. It comes with a 16 MHz 8bit microcontroller, USB2 interface, 3 intracardiac ECG channels, 1 HV channel, 3 surface ECGs, improved pacemaker pulse detection, defi shock measurement and a new Windows user interface.


The prototype of the InterSim Touch is presented at the autumn conference of the AG Rhythmologie and the annual conference of the AG Interventionelle Kardiologie for the first time.


InterSim III is released in May and, for the first time, comes in two versions: InterSim III Touch and InterSim III Interface. It features an STM32 microcontroller, USB2 interface, 8 intracardiac ECG channels, 2 HV channels, 3 surface ECGs, full IS4 and DF4 support and an adapter box for safe connection of pacemakers and defibrillators.

Behind our company:

With over 25 years of expertise, Ingenieurbüro Lang delivers innovative solutions for technical challenges. Our services cover various fields from shipment tracking solutions to simulations in financial and medical sectors including application programming and hardware engineering.

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